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Opportunities for Hospitality Learnership Programmes are available for individuals who want to gain practical work experience in the hospitality industry. The programmes are designed to provide learners with an overview of the industry through 12 months of practical training at restaurants and hotels.

The hospitality industry is vast and offers a variety of departments to work in. During the learnership programme, learners may be placed in the front desk, food and beverages department, or even the housekeeping department. These departments will introduce them to both front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

If culinary training is available, learners will be responsible for preparing food and beverages. This will allow them to showcase their creativity in the department while gaining business knowledge.

Hotel Professional Cookery Learnership

Advantages of a Hospitality Learnership Programme:

A hospitality learnership programme provides learners with an opportunity to learn and grow. It also gives them a chance to travel and engage with people from diverse backgrounds. The programme offers various opportunities including Accommodation Services/Housekeeping Department, Reception, Food and Beverage, and Professional Cookery.

General Minimum Requirements for Hospitality Learnership Programmes:

To be eligible for a hospitality learnership programme, applicants must possess excellent communication skills and have passed grade 11 or above. Proficiency in English is also mandatory.

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  • Physically fit and team player
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Clear criminal record

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in the theoretical and practical training of the programme.
  • Gain practical skills in all aspects of the practical training to develop skills in your area if specialization
  • Assist professionals in executing their duties
  • Adhere to hygiene and safety protocols
  • Interact with guests and assist in resolving their queries
  • Complete all assessments and submit the required portfolio of evidence

  • Follow all the Methods of Cookery such as Bake, grill, steam and boil meats, vegetables, fish, poultry and other foods
  • When Product is finished the final elements must be applied as food as to be garnished and arrange final dishes
  • Maintain a clean and safe Cookery area , know hoe to use equipment as in handling of utensils, and  dishes and place them where they originally belong
  • Clean and sanitize work areas, equipment and utensils

Hospitality & Agricultural Learnership Opportunities

  • Handle and store ingredients and food
  • Monitor station inventory levels to select of the right position equipment is in and of where food should be placed
  • Set up workstations with required ingredients and equipment for the dish that need to be cooked
  • Maintain food safety and sanitation standards to avoid food poisoning and food contamination

How To Apply:

Here are some of the recruitment agencies that are currently placing learners in various hospitality learnership programmes. Visit these agencies to apply:

1. B Consulting

2. Edge Training

3. Servest

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