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  • Get work areas and tools ready, clean, and safe.
  • Handle and organize raw materials.
  • Check work areas and tools for dirt or harmful substances.
  • Clean drains and pipes to keep them free from dirt.
  • Also, do some administrative tasks.

Operational Support

  • Do production tasks following rules and safety guidelines.
  • Find ways to do work better.
  • See if there are problems with current rules and fix them.
  • Help put new rules in place.

Inspections & Verifications

  • Look at production areas and tools to check if they’re okay.
  • Check things like scales and tools before starting work.
  • Make sure scales and measuring tools work right.

Material Handling

  • Measure and move raw materials for making products.
  • Get raw materials ready for use.
  • Prepare rooms and containers for making products.
  • Make solutions needed for work.

Production Preparation

  • Arrange rooms and containers for making products.
  • Make solutions needed for work.

Routine Support Tasks

  • Clean work areas and tools before and after using them.
  • Check tools regularly.
  • Take samples for testing.
  • Keep drains and pipes clean.
  • Help sort out bad products and reduce waste.
  • Give information to get ready for work.
  • Report any problems.

Reporting & Record Keeping

  • Label batches of products.
  • Fill out sheets to see how well tools are working.
  • Check production areas regularly.
  • Go to meetings.
  • Give information for reports.
  • Keep records up-to-date.


  • Finished high school or have an equivalent certificate, with 0-2 years of related work.
  • Know about manufacturing.

Specific job skills

  • Basic understanding of how pharmaceutical products are made.
  • Know about pharmaceutical rules and what’s needed to follow them.


  • Finish tasks.
  • Follow rules.
  • Take action when needed.
  • Collect information.

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