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If you’re a caregiver or a healthcare assistant and you’re dreaming of starting a new chapter in Canada with your family by your side, then I’ve got you covered in this video. Welcome to my channel. My name is Amy. We will be introducing an opportunity in Canada for international job seekers, specifically for caregivers.

Imagine securing a work permit in Canada with visa support for you and your loved ones without the hassle of endless job applications. Yes, it’s possible. There’s no need for job applications. We will introduce an agency in Canada that specializes in recruiting foreign temporary workers, offering a smooth pathway to permanent residency.

Whether you are a caregiver from any nationality, if you meet the requirements, this could be your ticket to a brighter future in Canada. So sit back, relax, and let’s explore and walk you through this exciting journey.of charge.

For people who are looking for job opportunities in Canada, instead of applying yourself for maybe a hundred jobs or 150 jobs, there are people whom the government of Canada has actually empowered to support job seekers in Canada. This set of people are known as foreign worker recruiters. So there are people who have that license, or organizations who have such a license, and they have the ability to help you find a job if you have the right profile that employers are looking for.

In this Article , we’re going to be looking at one of such organizations that is providing these services to skilled workers who are based outside of Canada. The good thing about this organization is that they are a licensed recruiter, and you can see their permit number on their website. Secondly, they are also a regulated Canada immigration consultant, also known as RCIC. That gives you the confidence that you’re in the right hands, and they have the license to be able to help you find a job.

Another great benefit of exploring the opportunities they provide is that they will not ask you to pay for the services that they are rendering to you in connecting you with employers of labor within Canada. So guys, we’re talking about PH Personal Services, which is a company or an organization that is providing services for caregivers in Canada. Their goal is to match your skills and abilities as a job seeker with the requirements and needs of a family to ensure that a positive relationship develops between you and the employer.

They have around 15 years of experience, a lot of industry experts, and they work in a very collaborative space. They provide opportunities for international skilled workers. In fact, their experts actually travel overseas to interview and screen potential family care candidates. So why should you work with them, or why should you consider the opportunity that they are bringing your way?

They are an association of care experts in the elder care or home care fields with over 15 years of experience in the market. Since the beginning of their operations, their philosophy is one of partnership, where they all work together to create a positive relationship between the family and the caregiver. You can also see right here on their website that they are a licensed recruiter in the province of Quebec, and you can also see their permit number.

You will also see that they are a regulated Canadian immigration consultant as well. So they have all international skilled workers to find jobs in the caregiving sector in Canada. Of more importance, if you’re a caregiver and you have the requisite experience and training and you’re located outside of Canada, Face Personnel can actually support you free of charge to find a job.

What they do is that they put everything in place to make your move to Canada a pleasant experience. They will provide you with the information that you require. They will guide you through the process, and their goal is to match your skills and abilities with the requirements and needs of a family to ensure that a positive relationship develops between you and the employer. When you choose to apply through Face Personnel as a live-in or live-out caregiver, you are guaranteed that they will be working on your behalf and in accordance with Canadian law.

They do not charge recruitment fees to caregivers, so you’re not going to be paying them for helping you find a job in Canada. So how do you explore this opportunity that is right in front of you? The only thing you need to do is to fill out their application form, and I’ll be showing you guys that application form in a few minutes. After you have completed the application form, give some time to their team to assess your application. Once your profile is something they can work with, they will contact you for an interview to obtain more information.

So basically, before we go to the application form, they also have a frequently asked questions page where you can find some useful answers to questions that you might have. For example, what are the steps to becoming a caregiver in Canada? The first step is for you to contact Face Personnel to find an employer that is willing to sponsor you. Once they are able to match you with an employer, their legal team will file an application for employer approval.

For Quebec applicants, a separate application for a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance will also be filed with Quebec immigration. The third step is that once approved, you will file an application for a temporary work permit in your current country of residence. You can see that it’s a very simple process, and the most difficult part of the process is what they will actually help you to overcome. What you will just need to do after that is to apply for the temporary residence permit that allows you to come to Canada to start working.

Now, on the frequently asked questions page as well, you can find a lot of useful guides. For example, what documents do you need to submit? They need to see your most recent diploma and your corresponding transcript. So if you studied in the university or maybe you did some vocational apprenticeship, they want to see all of your details in terms of your credentials. They also want to see proof of your work experience, employment contract, work certificate from present and previous employers, your pay stubs, or any other proof of professional experience.

If you belong to a professional order or professional association, they will also like to see your membership card. And this is particularly for nurses, midwives, and teachers. If applicable to you, they will want to see your birth certificate, passport, and passport pages containing photographs and identity, and entries related to relevant work experience. They also want to see proof of your knowledge of French or English if available.

Even though they are not making this mandatory, I think it’s important if you are considering Canada immigration, you need to understand that you would need to provide proof of language proficiency for either French or English, which are the two official languages in Canada. If the documents that you are providing are actually written in a language other than English or French, which are the two official languages in Canada, you would need to provide a translation by an officially recognized translator in your country.

This document must include the translator’s seal or signature as well. So that is that for the document that you would need to provide. You can also see different answers here, and you can use this drop-down on the right-hand side to find the corresponding answers. For example, how long will it take to receive my work permit? What are the different duties or responsibilities of a caregiver? How often can I change employers? What happens if problems arise in the workplace?

Who determines my salary? How is my caregiver salary negotiated? Who pays my salary and payroll taxes? Do I get paid vacation or statutory holidays? Why should a caregiver sign a contract of employment with an employer? Am I required to pay room and board to the employer? I think these are very useful questions because a lot of issues can arise, and it’s always good for you to be aware of all the underlying conditions before you move ahead or before you accept a job offer.

So if you are going to be exploring this opportunity with Face Personnel, make sure you check out the answers they have provided for each of these questions so that you are aware fully of all their terms and conditions. Of course, the good thing is that they are not actually charging you money. But apart from that, there are other things that you need to be aware of about your roles and responsibilities as a caregiver in Canada. So guys, let’s move on to the application form.

the application form involves five different steps. So this is the first step, which amounts to 20% of the application. It’s basically your personal information: your name, your gender, your citizenship or nationality. You would need to also upload a photo of yourself. Make sure you follow this instruction here. The photo that you upload should be a clear one of your face. We recommend that you upload one where you are smiling, and make sure the background is not too busy. For the best result, please crop your photo to be square.

So they’re just giving you some guidelines as to how to prepare your photo file that you are going to attach. Then they ask for your email address, your phone number. If there’s someone that referred you, they want to know the details of that person. Your month and year of birth, your marital status. If you have children, they want to know. If you have a driver’s license, if you have a criminal record, and if you have ever been arrested.

So they want to find out all of this information, and I think they’re important because you are actually dealing with people. So it’s good for them to do some background checks as a matter of priority. If we move on to the next stage, that is where they ask about your education, as you can see here. For example, are you a college graduate? I can say yes. How many college credits do you have? So select the total number of credits that you had. How many years was your college or program? Let’s say you went to a university for four years.

What was your field of study? So you can select one of these areas here. Are you a licensed nurse? Yes or no. Have you completed a six-month full-time caregiver program? Yes or no. And then you click on next. So in the third stage, that is where they ask about your work experience. They want to know the total number of years that you have as a domestic helper or caregiver. They want to know how many employers have you worked for as a caregiver, the number of years that you are working for your current employer, and when your current employment contract will end.

The fourth step is where they want to know some additional information about your application. For example, they want to know if you have taken one of the official English language proficiency tests for your education. As well, they want to know if you already have an educational credential assessment from Canada. We usually stress this in our videos, in moving to Canada either through any of the immigration pathways or even the job offer route.

We always highly recommend that you have a language proficiency test and you complete your educational credential assessment because those two requirements actually open you up to a lot of opportunities. And sometimes, they are the only two things that will actually differentiate you or qualify you for a job offer that you might have the profile and the experience for.

Okay, so this is the last stage where you answer these questions. And then once you’re done, right, just for you to agree to their terms and conditions, signify that you’re not a robot, and then you click on submit. So it’s a simple form. It’s just for them to understand your full profile and to be able to judge if your profile meets what they are looking for, basically. But the good thing is that Face Personnel Services provides opportunities to international skilled workers in the caregiving sector.

And they do it without charging you any money. So they will be the one to match you with employers who are interested in your profile. And then they have experts who are licensed to support your immigration journey. So guys, make sure you check out this opportunity.

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  1. This is a good opportunity for young people to explore and prosper. We are today living in a calamitous world of human trafficking. Would the exploration of job opportunities of
    this magnitude not be tantamount to self trafficking?

  2. Am a nurse with 20 years experience. I equally have NVQ in health and social care level 3.
    I am interested in relocating for work. My skills and experiences will go a long way in this field.