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Are you thinking about moving to Canada? If you are, Lafarge Canada has some exciting job opportunities that can make a positive impact. At Lafarge, we believe your enthusiasm and curiosity are like valuable tools for making Canada a greener and smarter place. Our teams are working hard to change how the world builds things, all with the goal of creating a better and more sustainable Canada.

Lafarge is a big player globally when it comes to smart and eco-friendly building solutions. We are on a mission to create cities that are greener and infrastructure that is smarter. We care a lot about our people and the communities we are a part of. We are actively working towards becoming a net-zero company and are leaders in recycling to build more with less. Our team of 7,000 talented folks worldwide is passionate about building progress for people and the planet. We focus on Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates, and Solutions & Products.

Our Lafarge team is made up of people who are excited about finding better ways to build things. They love being innovative and improving things with a pioneering spirit. They work together as trusted partners, finding better solutions for customers, communities, and colleagues. Lafarge Construction, based in Calgary, AB, is currently looking for seasonal, full-time team members for various roles in Base, Concrete, Underground, and Paving.

Available Roles:

  1. Base and Finish Grade Operators: People who assist with the beginning and ending stages of construction work, making sure things are level and ready.
  2. Water Truck Driver/Labourer: Driving trucks and doing some physical work, helping to keep construction sites hydrated.
  3. GPS/Surveyor: Using special tools to measure and plan construction areas accurately.
  4. Concrete Finishers, Labourers: Helping with the final touches on concrete work, making it look good and durable.
  5. Form Setters/Carpenter: Building molds or forms for concrete to take shape.
  6. Form Setter Truck Driver/Labourer: Driving a truck and helping set up molds for concrete work.
  7. Gravel Slinger Truck Driver/Labourer: Driving trucks and spreading gravel for construction projects.
  8. Pipe Layers: Installing pipes in the ground for various purposes.
  9. Backhoe Operators: Operating large machines to dig and move dirt efficiently.
  10. Paving roles: Screedman-Asphalt, Asphalt Distributor Operator, Finish Rakerman: Working with asphalt to create smooth roads and surfaces.


  • Finished high school and have some experience in building or construction work.

What We Look For:

  • Care about safety, making sure everyone stays safe on the job.
  • Ability to lift 55 pounds, as there might be some heavy lifting involved.
  • Comfortable working at a fast pace in a busy environment.
  • Willingness to work extra hours, including Saturdays, when needed.
  • Ability to work independently without constant supervision.
  • Good teamwork skills and effective communication.

Staying Safe:
Before starting work with us, a health check, including drug and alcohol tests, and a check for a clean record might be required to ensure everyone’s safety.

Your Lafarge Experience:
Working at Lafarge is a chance for you to learn and grow in your job, whether you’re operating machines, managing tasks, or hands-on with the work. It doesn’t matter your role; we all care about the Earth and want to make it better. Share your ideas, learn new things, and together, in a positive workplace, we can contribute to making the world a better place for everyone.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What kinds of jobs can I apply for at Lafarge Construction in Calgary?
  • Lafarge Construction is looking for people to work full-time in different jobs like operating machines, driving trucks, and doing various tasks in and around Calgary.
  1. Where is Lafarge Construction located?
  • Lafarge Construction is in Calgary, AB. They have jobs in Calgary and nearby areas.
  1. How do I apply for a job at Lafarge Construction?
  • To apply for a job, you can check Lafarge’s website or contact their hiring team. They’ll have information about what jobs are available and how to apply.
  1. What do I need to apply for these jobs?
  • You should have finished high school, and it’s good if you’ve worked in construction before.
  1. What do they expect from me when I apply?
  • They want people who care about safety, can lift 55 lbs, work fast, and are okay with working extra hours and weekends. You should be able to work without someone always telling you what to do and get along well with others.
  1. Are they hiring people from other countries?
  • Right now, it seems like they are looking for people in Calgary. If you’re from another country, it’s a good idea to ask them directly if they have jobs available.
  1. How can I get in touch with Lafarge Construction?
  • You can find their phone number or email on their website under “Contact Us.” You can call or email them to ask questions or get more information.
  1. How does Lafarge Construction keep their workers safe?
  • Lafarge really cares about keeping everyone safe. When you apply, they will tell you more about the safety rules and things they do to make sure everyone is okay.
  1. Do they help in the community or have volunteer programs?
  • Yes, Lafarge Construction talks about helping in the community and their employees volunteering. You can learn more about this by asking them directly or looking on their website.
  1. What’s it like to work at Lafarge Construction?
    • Working at Lafarge is seen as a chance to learn and grow. They say they value hard work, new ideas, and working together. If you want to know more, you can ask people who work there or check what they say on their website.

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