Financial Adviser – X82


Location: All Province 

Minimum experience: Entry Level

Company primary industry: Insurance

Job functional area: Sales

Job Overview

A confident, driven and opportunistic individual is required to offer financial solutions and benefits to clients and in ultimately growing the business. This position entails effectively analyzing a client’s needs to provide advice on suitable solutions from a predefined package of benefits. 

Job Objectives:

To manage the long-term relationship between Liberty@Work and the client, not only to meet the clients’ evolving needs but also to position Liberty as the market leader and enhance the reputation of the organization.

Identify opportunities to contribute to the growth of the organization.

Adhere to policies, procedures and legislative requirements in order to ensure compliance.

Continuously review client portfolios to re-assess their needs and make recommendations and add value to clients.

Constantly update own knowledge and expertise in line with products and market and industry trends.

Perform reporting to keep the business updated of progress.



Exposure to fraud interventions internally to stay compliant with policies and legislation.


Clients, including (but not limited to) government departments, work sites, individuals and lower- to midmarket segments.

Role Requirements:

Laptop (essential)



Grade 12 (essential)

FAIS recognized qualification within 6 years of DOFA

Technical Skills:

Awareness of the industry and financial standings.

Good understanding of the current market and trends.

Adherence to internal and legislative policies and procedures.

Ongoing customer service to endorse current relationships.

Presentation abilities in participating in formal and informal engagements.


Sound knowledge of the industry to display a broad awareness of trends and risks.

Excellent understanding of the financial industry in order to provide fit solutions based on a client’s financial needs.


  • Telephone and face to face sales experience (Desirable) (Building a pipeline) 
  • Behavioral Competencies
  • Competency


Verbal and Written Communication

Able to express ideas fluently by speaking clearly and articulating self. Speaks with confidence, whilst projecting credibility and making a good impression. Responds effectively when communicated to and responds appropriately to the situation. Also involves expressing ideas fluently by communicating clearly, succinctly and correctly in writing. Avoids the unnecessary use of jargon or complicated language, writes in a well-structured and logical way and structures the information to meet the needs and understanding of the intended audience.


Demonstrate integrity by adhering to ethics and values. Honest, reliable and trustworthy and uphold strong moral principles. Avoid compromising the organization by showing deviant behavior or behavior that can compromise the integrity of the organization.

Interpersonal Skills

Generally getting along with most people. Comfortable to engage with others in a skillful manner. Able to manage conflict effectively and while being assertive, still demonstrate respect for others and listen to the opinions of others.


Resilience and Stress Tolerance

Able to work under pressure and remain resilient despite setbacks, challenges or demands. Maintains a positive outlook at work and keeps emotions under control during difficult situations.


Flexible in adapting to changing circumstances, new ideas or different people. Tolerates ambiguity and change and demonstrates an interest in new experiences.

Drive and Commitment

Driven to achieve results and is likely to work towards stretching goals with enthusiasm. Will actively work towards achieving objectives and remove any obstacles that will prevent the successful achievement of goals. Demonstrates commitment to role objectives, department and the wider organization.


Gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, convincing and negotiating. Able to promote ideas on behalf of oneself or others to get buy-in and makes a strong personal impact and positive impression on others.

Client Centricity

Focuses on customer needs and satisfaction. Tries to understand the needs of the client and consistently delivers in line with agreements. Always puts the client first and manages their expectations if unrealistic.

Following Instructions and Procedures

Appropriately follows instructions from others without unnecessarily challenging authority. Follows procedures and policies and keeps to schedules. Arrives punctually for work and meetings and demonstrates commitment to compliance.

Learning Potential

Able to rapidly grasp tasks and information and demonstrate an immediate understanding of the information. Applies the information to work situations or challenges faced in an effective manner.

Planning and Organizing

Able to effectively plan own work and the work of others, by setting clearly defined objectives, planning activities and projects in advance and taking account of possible changing circumstances. This includes identifying and managing the relevant resources needed to accomplish tasks.

Relationship Building

Easily establishes good relationships with others and is able to relate to people at all levels of the organization. Able to build wide and effective networks of contacts to advance work objectives and brings warmth to relationships with others.

Business Acumen

Demonstrates an understanding of business management practices. Aware of market trends, business opportunities and commercial information, including financial awareness.

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