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Food Lover’s Market is a company that has posted several job vacancies on their official website. These job vacancies are divided into two categories, namely entry-level jobs and skilled jobs. To be eligible for any of these jobs, a minimum requirement of a Grade 12 or Matric qualification is necessary.

The entry-level jobs available are Cashier (2 vacancies), General Assistant (5 vacancies), Forklift Driver, Sign Writer, and Pizza Maker. These jobs are suitable for individuals who are starting their careers and looking to gain work experience.

The skilled jobs available are Baker (3 vacancies), Blockman (3 vacancies), Clerk (2 vacancies), and Chef (2 vacancies). These jobs require individuals with specialized skills and experience in their respective fields.

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Overall, Food Lover’s Market is offering a range of job opportunities to individuals with varying levels of experience and skills. The company is looking for individuals who are committed, hardworking, and willing to contribute to the growth and success of the business.

Food Lover’s Market have the following jobs vacancies on their official website:

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 12 or Matric

Entry Level Jobs:

  • Cashier X2
  • General Assistant X5
  • Forklift driver 
  • Sign Writer
  • Pizza Maker

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Skilled Jobs:

  • Baker X3
  • Blockman X3
  • Clerk X2
  • Chef X2

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  1. Im Nosipho Jali i really desperate for a job as a cashier please hire i won’t disappoint you i have 2 years experience as a cashier and im a good one

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(Grade 12) Sales Consultant– Ecowize