General Assistants – X26




GENERAL ASSISTANTS (shift working system applicable)

Salary: R147 035 per annum (Salary level 3)


  • A grade 9 or school leaving certificate and letter from the principal. Prior experience working with individuals with special needs, will be an advantage.
  • An understanding of Public Service principles. Proof of being part of PEYI will be an advantage.


  • 1. Facility Maintenance:
  • Clean and maintain hostels, classrooms, grounds, and all school facilities to uphold a tidy and organized environment.
  • Attend to general domestic tasks like repairing windows, doors, taps, gutters, lights, and wheelchairs.
  • Ensure proper functioning of facilities for the comfort and safety of everyone.
  • 2. Refuse Management:

Collect and dispose of refuse from both the hostels and school premises to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Regularly monitor and manage waste disposal processes.

  • 3. Ablution Facilities Care: 
  • Wash and sanitize ablution facilities, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for students and staff. Keep floors, carpets, and surfaces clean and well-maintained.
  • 4. Supplies Management: 
  • Request, procure, and manage cleaning materials to ensure that necessary supplies are available.
  • 5. Premises Neatness: 
  • Conduct daily inspections to ensure the neatness and tidiness of buildings and premises. Report any instances of damage or disrepair promptly to the appropriate channels.
  • 6. Safety and Environment:
  • Contribute to the overall safety and well-being of students and staff by maintaining a hazard-free environment. Uphold the rights of children and promote their well-being at all times.



Osborn Senior Secondary School

  • Osborn A/A, Osborn Mission, Mt Frere, 5090
  • Mr. LG Dabula – 071 657 0169
  • REF NO: ANW 1 GA15/11/2023

Grens High School

  • McJannet rylaan, Baysville, 5241
  • Mev. L. Knickelbein – 043 7210 412
  • REF NO: BCM 1 GA16/11/2023

Daliwonga Senior Secondary School

  • Wodehouse A/A,Cofimvaba, 5380
  • Ms Hlumelo – 0478741485
  • REF NO: CHE 1 GA17/11/2023

Kolonga Junior Secondary School

  • Nkolonga Village, Lady Frere,5410
  • Enquiries: 0478786377
  • REF NO: CHW 1 GA18/11/2023

Middelburg High School

  • Bennie Street, Middelburg,5900
  • MR. AJ Wagenaar: 049 842 1560
  • REF NO: CHW 1 GA19/11/2023

Cradock High School

  • Naested Street, Cradock, 5880
  • Mr. JW Boonzaier: 048 881 2784
  • REF NO: CHW 1 GA20/11/2023

Ntshilini Senior Secondary School

  • Ntshilini A/A, Ngqeleni,5140
  • EM Mlisa: 073 682 2961
  • REF NO: ORTC 1 GA21/11/2023

Tyutyu Primary School

  • Tyutyu Location, Bisho,5605
  • Mr Maqubela: 073 205 6172
  • REF NO: BCM 1 GA22/11/2023

Alexandria Hoër School

  • Krog & voortrekker Street,
  • CBD, Alexandria, 6185
  • Ms Taai: 0466530126
  • REF NO: SB 1 GA23/11/2023

Aliwal North Primary School

  • Bensonstr. 2, Aliwal-North,9750
  • GC Engelbrecht: 051 634 1827
  • REF NO: JQ 2 GA24/11/2023

Hoho Senior Secondary School

  • Mr. Lalendle: 076 499 8820
  • REF NO: BCM 1 GA25/11/2023

St Matthews High School

  • St. Matthews High School, St.
  • Matthew’s Mission, Keiskammahoek,5680
  • M Gquma: 040 658 8161
  • REF NO: AW 1 GA26/11/2023

Cathcart High School

  • 45 Merriman Street, Cathcart,5310
  • N Hart: 045 843 1130
  • REF NO: AW 1 GA27/11/2023

Fundani High School

  • CATHCART,5310,
  • G Bogco: 0458431286
  • REF NO: AW 1 GA28/11/2023

Bulelani Primary School

  • Hanover Village, King William’s Town, 5600
  • WF Busakwe: 0827242950
  • REF NO: BCM 1 GA29/11/2023

Mnxesha SPS

  • 215 Dimbaza, Dimbaza, 5671
  • 040 656 3086
  • REF NO: BCM 1 GA30/11/2023

Zanempucuko Senior Secondary School

  • 404 Ilitha Township, Ilitha Township, Berlin,5606
  • MA Mabi: 0406479403
  • REF NO: BCM 1 GA31/11/2023

Cillie Seondary School

  • Uitenhage Rd, Sydenham, Port Elizabeth,6001
  • JH Von Wielligh: 041 451 4837
  • REF NO: NMB 1 GA32/11/2023

St Thomas Secondary School

  • Beetlestone Road,Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth,6020
  • MR Doncker: 0414521942
  • REF NO: NMB 1 GA33/11/2023

Graaff-Reinet Primary School

  • Ranonkel Road, Asherville, Graaff-Reinet, 6281
  • AM Everson: 049-893004
  • REF NO: SB 1 GA34/11/2023

Narsingstreet Public Primary School

  • Narsing treet, Asherville, Graaff-Reinet,6280
  • D Japhta: 049-893044
  • REF NO: SB 1 GA35/11/2023

Ntaba Maria Junior Secondary School

  • 24 Raglan Road, Grahamstown,6139
  • RNS Sheepers: 0466361100
  • REF NO: SB 1 GA36/11/2023

St Johns College

  • Callaway Street, Umtata, 5100
  • 0475311656
  • REF NO: ORTI 1 GA37/11/2023

Mchatu Primary School

  • Nkanini Location, Sidwadweni A/A, Tsolo, 5170
  • RM Raxoti: 0733110273
  • REF NO: ORTI 1 GA38/11/2023

Closing Date: 27 November 2023

Eastern Cape Department of Education is an equal opportunity, representative employer. It is the intention to promote representivity (race, gender and disability) in the Public Service through the filling of positions.

Candidates whose appointment/transfer/promotion will promote representativeness will therefore receive preference. Persons with disability and learner disability are especially encouraged to apply. An indication of representativeness profile by applicants will expedite the processing of applications. In addition, these vacancies give preference to former special school learners and applicants with disabilities, learner disability and learners from school of skills provided they meet the minimum requirements and are able to perform all the duties required.

APPLICATIONS: Hand in your application, stating the relevant reference number to the School as indicated below; Applications must be submitted on a new Z83 Form, obtainable from any Public Service department or on the internet at which must be signed (an unsigned Z83 form will disqualify an application) and should be accompanied by a recently updated, comprehensive CV including at least two contactable referees, as well as certified copies of all qualification(s) and ID-document and Driver’s license [where applicable].

Non-RSA Resident Permit Holders must attach a copy of his/her Permanent Residence Permit to his/her application. Should you be in possession of a foreign qualification, it must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). Failure to submit all the requested documents will result in the application not being considered.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications from all racial groups are welcome. However, in making appointments to the posts the department will give preference to some employment equity target groups based on the Employment Equity Plan of the Department.

Download the new Z83 form here

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