Job Alert! Part-Time In-Store Sales Assistant Vacancy Available JUST for South Africans


Eco Furniture Design South Africa is your neighborhood furniture shop, where we specialize in creating beautiful, sturdy furniture. We use special kinds of wood like Oak, Ash, Blackwood, and Pine, making sure they come from places that care about the environment.

Sometimes, we also use materials like Birch and Eco Board, and even add touches of steel and glass to make our designs stand out. Everything we make is crafted with care right here in Cape Town. We’re proud of our local roots and hope you’ll join us in supporting the community by choosing locally made furniture.

**Role Description:**

Imagine joining us part-time as an In-Store Sales Assistant right here in Cape Town. Your role will be to make sure our customers have a great time shopping with us. You’ll say hello, help with purchases, be super friendly, and make sure our store looks neat and tidy. Keeping track of what we have in stock is also part of the fun. Answering phone calls, assisting with deliveries, and doing some office tasks are things you’ll handle too.


For this role, it’s important that you:
– Are good at talking to people and making them feel welcome
– Like helping customers and maybe have some experience in sales
– Pay attention to details and can keep things organized
– Can work on your own or with a team – we’re pretty easy-going
– Know your way around a computer, especially using Microsoft Office and Gmail
– If you know a bit about interior design and furniture, that’s a bonus
– A high school diploma is all you need, but if you’ve got some extra education in sales or marketing, that’s awesome!

**Perfect Position for a Student/ Non Students :**

If you’re a student/ Non Student looking for a part-time job that fits your schedule, this could be just what you’re after. It’s a chance to work with us at Eco Furniture Design South Africa, where you’ll learn, have fun, and be part of a company that cares about our local community. Join us, and let’s make shopping for furniture a great experience together!

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