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Imagine a building, like an apartment complex or an office block. There are lots of things that need looking after to keep it running smoothly. That’s where maintenance workers come in. Their job is to take care of all the little problems that pop up, from painting walls to fixing leaky faucets. They’re like the handy people who make sure everything stays in working order.

Now, let’s dive into what exactly a maintenance worker does and what qualifications they need to have. We’ll go step by step, keeping it easy to understand. So, if you’re curious about what it takes to be a maintenance worker or if you’re thinking about hiring one

  • Painting and fixing small things outside.
  • Helping technicians get apartments ready for new people. This might mean cleaning, painting, and fixing small things.
  • Changing and fixing door stuff like handles, locks, and keys.
  • Being quick to deal with emergencies and help customers when asked.
  • Changing light bulbs and cleaning light stuff.
  • Walking around to check the building and grounds. Fixing small problems and telling someone about big ones.
  • Helping with maintenance stuff following rules and laws.
  • Doing different kinds of work at the company.
  • Doing whatever else is asked.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Following company rules and procedures.
  • Being able to understand and do what the company wants.
  • Knowing how to use different tools and machines, especially a leaf blower, toilet plunger, and hand tools.
  • Being able to read, write, speak, and understand English, including labels on chemicals.
  • Being okay with using computers.
  • Finished high school.
  • No criminal record.
  • 1-2 years of experience in the chemical industry.

Package & Payment:

  • Getting paid R68.90 per hour.

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