Hello, guys! You’re welcome to, and today we’ll be sharing with you an exciting opportunity from Canada. Canada has always been one of our top choices for immigration, for study, for work abroad, because of the thousands upon thousands of opportunities that are available in Canada.

We’ll be talking about a special opportunity that people can apply for. This opportunity is coming to you in the form of a partnership between one of the best global brands in the financial sector and a host of some partner institutions in Canada. We’ll be focusing on one of such partners and the partnership that exists between these two institutions. I’ll be telling you all about this opportunity, how you can benefit from it, what the opportunity is all about, and a lot of other important information that is attached to this benefit.

So we can start actually from the juicy part of the information, which is the benefits that you stand to gain. We’ll be starting from the financial benefits that are attached to this opportunity in Canada. All right, so if you are accepted for this program, all expenses associated with you attending that program will be fully covered. This includes the travel cost, the tuition or the program fees, textbook fees, housing, food, and living expenses. Additionally, you will also receive comprehensive support in the areas of finance, academic, social engagement, and even post-graduation assistance, which will help you foster the development of crucial experience and competencies that are essential for becoming a change agent in your local community.

All of the cost is covered; you won’t have to even pay anything out of your own pocket. So that is the first benefit that you stand to gain from this program. The second benefit is that this program actually has a lot of things in store for you as a person. The goal of the program is to develop you. The program itself is focused on giving opportunities to young people, and we’ll be looking at the opportunities that you stand to gain aside from the comprehensive and generous financial offers, which I’ve mentioned earlier on.

So this program itself consists of a global network of educational institutions and non-governmental organizations that are committed to serving disadvantaged youth and share the belief that education is a catalyst for social and economic advancement. Furthermore, the program actually started as a 10-year global initiative to educate and develop next-generation leaders who will contribute to social and economic progress. Okay, so the program actually enables young people from economically disadvantaged communities to complete quality secondary and tertiary education and make successful transitions to further education or to the workforce in their home countries.

So through the comprehensive support that is provided by these organizations, the scholars actually receive learning opportunities that equip them with knowledge, skills, and values needed to succeed in the economy and make a positive impact in their communities. So, guys, we are talking about the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program of the University of British Columbia, and we’ve already mentioned a few financial opportunities or benefits that scholars get from it. But to also elaborate more on the benefits that you gain, the one other benefit that you gain is the fact that if you’re applying for this program and then, by extension, applying for a graduate program at the University of British Columbia, you would not need to pay any application fee.

For applicants, the application fee is actually waived. So they will send you a waiver code that you would actually use to get the application fee waived. Now, more importantly, for people who studied previously in English, there will be no requirement for them to write any other English language proficiency test. And I think this is very important, especially for people from Sub-Saharan Africa, where English is the medium of instruction in the schools, and of course, English is also the official language. So this actually gives you an advantage to be able to take all the benefits that are available in this program.

So what I’ll be doing is I’ll be walking you through the eligibility requirement, the steps to apply, the deadlines, and then, in this article , I will show you the application form for this fully funded opportunity, and I will also walk you through the application form. So please stay tuned to the end so that you can get all of the information that you need to take advantage of this offer.

So we are starting with the important dates and deadlines that you need to be aware of. Okay, now, for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program application itself, the application deadline is June 2024. So you need between now to June, 2024, to submit your application for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. What you need to understand is that because this is a fully funded opportunity, it is actually applied to a program of study, meaning that you would only get this scholarship if you also apply for a graduate program at the University of British Columbia.

Let’s go through the list of the full scholarship eligibility. So for you to be eligible for consideration for the MasterCard Foundation scholarship master’s degree program at the University of British Columbia, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree. Secondly, you must not already have a graduate degree. So this is not for people who already have higher degrees than their bachelor. It is for people who only have a bachelor’s degree. In terms of age, you must be 35 years old or younger at the time of the application. You must also be a citizen or a refugee of a Sub-Saharan African country. And there’s a link here for you to see the list of all the eligible countries, but mostly all Sub-Saharan African countries are included in this application. You must have lived a significant part of your life in a Sub-Saharan African country. So this is for people who would normally not be able to enroll in graduate programs in places like Canada. They are kind of providing support for them to ensure that their dreams are achieved.

You must also show leadership qualities. You must demonstrate an interest in and commitment to giving back to your home country. You must be a person who requires a Canadian study permit to study in Canada. What they are saying is that you must be an international student who is not already a resident, a citizen, or a permanent resident of Canada. Now they have a list of eligible master’s programs that this scholarship covers. So, and if you’re interested in the scholarship, then you would need to apply for any of these seven master’s programs. So they have Master of Sustainable Forest Management, Master of International Forestry, Master of Geomatics for Environmental Management, Master of Food and Resource Economics, Master of Food Science, Master of Land and Water Systems, Master of Data Science. All of these seven programs are eligible for the fully funded MasterCard Scholars Foundation scholarship.

So let’s move on to the steps for you to apply. The first step is for you to decide the programs you are interested in from the list. So I’ve shown you the seven master’s programs that are eligible. You would need to decide which one you are interested in. And after that, they have provided a link here, as you can see here, minimum academic requirement or international credentials for graduate students. Okay, so you would be able to see the minimum requirement that is required for you to even be accepted into the master’s program you’re interested in. You need to understand that having the minimum academic requirement does not guarantee a scholarship offer because you will actually be competing with candidates who may have better or maybe worse credentials than you. Okay, so it will depend on the ranking in the pool of candidates.

The second thing is that you need to also consult the particular program website you’re interested in. There are some master’s programs that would require you to have a bachelor’s degree in certain fields or maybe have some research experience or some community development experience. So check out the full information on the requirement for the master’s program you are interested in and then see if you have the requisite knowledge or background to attend that program. So those are the first steps following up the first step there are some added requirements that you would need to provide.

If your bachelor’s degree was not taught in English, you would need to write an English test, and for this purpose, they accept the TOEFL or the IELTS. Okay, and you will have the result sent to the University of British Columbia. Just as I said in the introduction of the video, if you already studied previously in English, this requirement is waived for you. The third step is that you would need to submit the MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program application package. So they have an application form, I will show you to you later on in the video, they have an application form and they also have other documents that you would need to submit with that application form. Okay, and we’ll go through the list of the documents.

Don’t forget that the due date for the submission is June 1, 2024. So first, you have to complete the MasterCard Foundation Scholars application form. It’s a Microsoft Word document, which you can fill online. I will show that to you in a few minutes. The second thing is that you would need to submit the personal statement. Okay, so there are some personal statements that you would need to read. All of the details are also in the application form, which I’ll show to you. You would need to submit your CV or your resume and make sure that includes any relevant education, work experience, community development experience, anything at all that can give you a competitive edge.

You will also need to provide two reference letters. Make sure these letters will have to be on official letterhead and signed by people who can attest and speak extensively to your community service, to your volunteering abilities, and your leadership potential.

The next set of documents you would need to provide is your transcript. So make sure you attach a legible copy of your unofficial transcript. So it doesn’t have to be the official transcript from your university. If you have unofficial copies of your transcript, that will also be accepted. Okay, now they have on the application form, they have a checklist, all right? So you would need to submit the checklist, the application form, the personal statement, the CV, the two reference letters on official letterhead, your transcript, and your signed declaration through an email to the program team. Okay, so the email you’ll be sending this document to is The declaration, which you will attach, is also a part of the application form. Must be signed by hand, electronically, or typed. Otherwise, the package will be considered incomplete. So you can print it out and sign it by hand and then scan it back in. You can sign it electronically, or you can type your signature on the document. Okay, so either of these three signatures will be accepted.

In terms of the personal statement, the first one says, “Tell us your story. What is of importance to you and reflect who you are?” So that will be between 200 to 300 words. Now, all their personal essays are actually between 200 to 300 words. The second one says, “Describe a recent meaningful involvement in your community, including what your role is and what your activity has been.” The third one says, “Why are you interested in studying at the University of British Columbia, and how do you envision your chosen program of study at the University of British Columbia helping you to reach your long-term career and personal goals?” Persistence is crucial to the completion of this application. Please describe a situation where you had to overcome a significant obstacle or challenges to reach a goal. How did you react to this challenge, and what did you learn from the situation? What else should we know about your financial condition in order to consider you for this scholarship? So this is an open opportunity to describe your financial need because this is also one of the items they will consider if they are reviewing your application.

Okay, so once you are done with all of this, then you’ll be able to submit your full application for the scholarship. After your application has been submitted, the program board will review your application, and then you would receive an email with instructions to submit an online application for the program you’re interested in at the University of British Columbia. For the application fees for the graduate programs you’re interested in, they actually give waivers to you. So make sure you receive an email from them with the waiver code to use before you go ahead to apply for the master’s program because if you pay the application fee, they won’t be able to give you a refund. But what they offer is the waiver, so you need to wait for them to review the first-stage review of your scholarship application. And if you meet the eligibility criteria, then they will send you an email with all of the information you need to submit your free application for the program.

It starts with the checklist, as you can see here. So things that you would need to get together for you to be able to submit a full application. Make sure you tick each of the sections once you have the requirement completed. Okay, and after you have the requirements completed, you would need to also sign the checklist to confirm that your application package is complete and all the necessary documents have been enclosed in one PDF. There are several documents you would need to combine all of these documents into one PDF. Go online; there are a lot of websites online that can help you combine multiple PDFs into one single document. Okay, so don’t forget to sign and to put the date.

And then the next stage is where you go to the applicant personal information, where you would need to put in your personal information, as the case may be. So you can see what is requested of that right here. After that, you move on to the applicant education and financial background, where you will actually put in your educational background and your sources of funding. Make sure you check out that section and also put in the necessary information. Again, there are other questions here that you would need to actually answer as well. They also want to find out about your employment information and your earnings. So they want to know if you are working, what you have done, and how much money you have earned. They also want to know your family background and other useful information. So make sure you fill in if you have siblings, you know, you would put in all of the information there in terms of their age or their annual school fees, their family contribution, who provides the scholarship for them. They just want to know all about you to know if you are eligible for a scholarship. They also want to know your dependents, okay, if you’re married, if you have kids. This is where you put in their information right here.

Here they want to know about your the sources of your financial support. If you have personal savings, if you have spousal or family savings or earnings, if you have family income from investment, if you have sponsorship, loan, or grant from the government or an agency, and then other sources of financial support. Here is the travel information. They want to know if you have a current or valid passport, if you have ever traveled outside of your home country. So they want to know where you went, where you went to when you traveled, the duration of your stay, the purpose, and who paid for the trip. So they need all of this information okay to know exactly if you qualify. And then finally, they’re giving more information here about what you need to include in your personal statement. So you can read up all of that. We already mentioned it earlier on, so don’t forget again the two official references, the transcript, and then this the final page is the signed declaration. So you would need to sign this and date it as well. And that is the end of the application form.

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So guys, this is a great opportunity, right, for those who are looking for a fully funded opportunity to move to Canada. This could actually be your chance. Make sure you review all of this information and make sure you apply if you are qualified.

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