Scholarships in Italy without IELTS 2023


IELTS is not mandatory for applying and studying in Italy. International students can apply for fully funded Italian scholarships without IELTS. In many European countries you can study without IELTS. Many international students choose Italy as one of the top study destinations in Europe. There are fully-funded scholarships available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.Degree programs in all Italian universitiesMany international students work part-time to earn extra income while studying in Italy.

Itley University is one of the oldest universities in the world. In addition to tourism, art cities and unique landscapes, Italy is also known for its art. Language, fashion and luxury brands are among the many factors that make Italy famous. There are nearly 60,000 international students in Italy. Rome is easily accessible from anywhere in Europe. Top public and private universities offer Italian scholarships for international students.

International students can also apply for Italian Government Scholarships. The application process to study in Italy without IELTS is simple and easy. This is something everyone should try. There are 61 vibrant public universities, 30 private universities, 11 public universities and 339 English language courses. You can study a wide range of courses. Here is a list of fully funded Italian scholarships without IELTS.

Scholarships in Italy without IELTS 2023

  • Scholarship Country: Italy
  • Degree level: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Ph.D.
  • Financial scope: funding
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Can I get a scholarship in Italy without IELTS 2023?

Language proof of English proficiency is enough to get a scholarship in Italy without IELTS. Below is a list of scholarships available in Italy.

1# Italian Government Scholarships 2023

Grants are available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) for students wishing to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree at an Italian university. The Italian Government Scholarships 2023 are now open.

2# University of Bologna Scholarships in Italy

Scholarship at the University of Bologna, Italy. International students can apply for master’s and bachelor’s degree programs with Italian Government Scholarships. The University of Bologna is not only ranked 160th in the world, but also in Italy where he is ranked 69th, her 1st overall.

3# University of Padua Scholarships in Italy

International students can apply to the University of Padua. There are 43 scholarships available for highly talented prospective students seeking an English-only Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Padua. According to the Times Higher Education World Rankings, Padua is ranked 116th in the world and 48th in Europe.

4# University of Milan Itley Scholarships

155 excellence scholarships are available for international students at the University of Milan. The 55 fully-funded scholarships are complemented by 100 partially-funded scholarships. The University of Milan offers a “Scholarship of Excellence” for outstanding new students. Undergraduate and graduate level students.

5# University of Turin Scholarships 2023

International students can apply to the University of Turin. Scholarship program for outstanding students wishing to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree

6# University of Pisa Scholarships

We will offer 24 merit scholarships in 2023. Each year, the University of Pisa awards her 24 merit scholarships to international students with her 14 masters or bachelor’s degrees taught in English.

7# Turin University Scholarships

International students can pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, five- or six-year postgraduate degree programs at the University of Turin. We look forward to receiving your application. The application process is open.

8# University of Florence Scholarships

The University of Florence in Florence, Italy is a public research university in Italy. Applications for scholarships for international students have started.

9# Bocconi University Scholarships 2023

Bocconi University, a private Italian university, is located in Milan. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate programs in economics, finance, law, business administration, political science, public administration, and computer science.

10# Sapienza University Scholarships

Scholarships are also available for Sapienza University for the academic year 2023. I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree

Is it possible to study in Italy without IELTS?

Study in Italy without IELTS: Application process:

  • The first step is to search for Italian Universities and Italian courses that interest you.
  • If your previous degree was taught at a medium-sized university or college in English, there are no language proficiency requirements like TOEFL, IELTS.
  • The English Language Proficiency Proof allows students who have completed their education at a previous English language institution to meet the requirements to study without IELTS (what is the English Proficiency Language Certificate).
  • Step 2: Online test or video interview
    • Some universities offer online interviews or Skype video interviews. Once your application is accepted, the university will schedule an online interview.
    • Your English ability will be evaluated at the interview. The best way to get into an Italian university without IELTS is to pass this interview.

Here is the list of Italian Universities without IELTS:

  1. University of Bologna
  2. University of Milan
  3. University of Florence
  4. University of Pisa
  5. University of Padua
  6. University of Naples Federico II
  7. University of Trent
  8. John Cabot University
  9. Sapienza University of Rome
  10. University of Verona

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