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The UK government has recently implemented major changes to its immigration rules, significantly affecting the criteria for skilled worker visas. A notable change is the replacement of the Shortage Occupation List with the new Immigration Salary List, which now includes fewer eligible occupations. This change, effective from April 4, 2024, aims to streamline the immigration process and focus on specific job categories in demand.

The New Immigration Salary List

The Immigration Salary List now includes only 23 occupations, a sharp reduction from the previous list. The occupations now eligible for lower salary thresholds under the new list are:

  1. Managers and proprietors in forestry, fishing, and related services
  2. Chemical scientists
  3. Biological scientists
  4. Social and humanities scientists
  5. Graphic and multimedia designers
  6. Laboratory technicians
  7. Pharmaceutical technicians
  8. Artists
  9. Dancers
  10. Musicians
  11. Art officers, producers, and directors
  12. Agricultural workers
  13. Welding trades
  14. Boat and shipbuilders
  15. Bricklayers
  16. Roofers
  17. Carpenters
  18. Construction and building trades
  19. Care workers and senior care workers
  20. Animal care services
  21. Fishing and other elementary agricultural occupations

What Does This Mean for Prospective Immigrants?

The reduction in the number of occupations on the Immigration Salary List has raised concerns about the eligibility of various professions for the skilled worker visa. However, it’s important to clarify that the new list does not entirely exclude other occupations from qualifying. Instead, it specifies which roles can qualify for a lower salary threshold.

To obtain a skilled worker visa, applicants generally need a job offer with an annual salary of at least £38,000. However, those in occupations on the Immigration Salary List can qualify with a lower salary. Importantly, many other professions not on this new list can still qualify for the skilled worker visa if they meet the standard salary and skill requirements.

Detailed List of Eligible and Non-Eligible Occupations

The government has also released a comprehensive list of occupations that are eligible or ineligible for the skilled worker visa, beyond those on the new Immigration Salary List. Some key eligible occupations include:

  • Chief executives and senior officials
  • Production managers in manufacturing, construction, mining, and energy
  • Financial, marketing, and sales directors
  • Human resource and social service managers
  • Civil, mechanical, and cybersecurity engineers
  • Nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and solicitors
  • Chartered and certified accountants
  • Quality assurance technicians

In contrast, several roles are now explicitly ineligible for the skilled worker visa, such as:

  • Receptionists
  • Typists
  • Data entry administrators
  • Medical secretaries
  • Various customer service positions


While the introduction of the Immigration Salary List signifies a substantial shift in UK immigration policy, it does not close the door on individuals in excluded professions seeking skilled worker visas. Applicants should review the full list of eligible and ineligible occupations and ensure they meet the necessary criteria. This informed approach will help prospective immigrants navigate the new rules effectively and explore their opportunities to work in the UK.

For those considering a move to the UK or seeking to switch to a skilled worker visa, staying informed about these changes is crucial. This update provides a clear understanding of the new regulations and how they might affect your visa application process.

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