What You Need to Do: No More Biometric Residence Permits in the UK in 2024 (UK BRP Card Expiring)


Your UK BRP card is set to expire on December 31st, 2024. This video aims to help you understand why this happens and what you can do to ensure that your status in the UK remains valid even after the expiry date. We are also planning a Q&A Series where we’ll answer all your questions about UK immigration. If you have any queries, please drop them in the comments below and stay tuned.

If you have received indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or permission to stay in the UK for a limited time, your biometric residence permit (BRP) will expire on December 31st, 2024. This expiry date is due to the European Union’s plan to roll out advanced encryption technology, which the Home Office intends to implement from January 1st, 2025. Although the EU’s requirements may no longer be relevant, the Home Office is still pushing ahead with its digitalization plans for proof of status, which is why they are sticking to the December 31st, 2024 deadline for BRPs.

Starting January 1st, 2025, the Home Office will be moving everything online, and you will no longer need a BRP. You can prove your status digitally, and the Home Office has reassured everyone that this digital shift will not affect anyone’s immigration status.

To check the period you are allowed to stay in the UK accurately, the Home Office is expected to confirm the validity dates of your permission to enter or stay via email once your application is approved. It is essential to save this email as it will state your confirmed period of permission to stay in the UK.

If you currently hold a BRP, you can make the most of online checking services to confirm your right to work or rent in the UK. Accurate details about an individual’s permission to stay in the UK can be obtained through these services, making it a game-changer.

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