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“Hey everyone, exciting news for job seekers worldwide! Canada has just announced a fantastic opportunity for those looking for employment. This event is a great chance to connect directly with Canadian employers. One of the provinces in Canada has launched its portal for the 2024 International recruitment event, specifically targeting workers outside Canada.

If your expertise lies in healthcare, trade, construction, trucking, manufacturing, hospitality, or similar fields, don’t miss out on signing up for this event. It might just be your golden opportunity to immigrate to Canada in 2024.

Canada stands out as a country offering numerous pathways for immigrants, making it a focal point for many. The diverse range of programs available caters to those interested in relocating to Canada, whether as temporary foreign workers or permanent residents.

One noteworthy initiative implemented by a province in 2023 involves organizing international events targeting sectors with high demand. During these events, employers from the province travel worldwide to scout for skilled candidates possessing the expertise needed to address skill shortages in various industries.

I’m thrilled to share that our travel abroad migration team will be providing in-depth details about the upcoming international recruitment event. It’s crucial to stay tuned and listen attentively so you can sign up promptly. Expect high demand, so don’t miss out!

we’ll delve into the exciting opportunities that Prince Edward Island is extending to international skilled workers. To give you a glimpse into the initiatives and strategies implemented by the province in 2023, the government of Prince Edward Island in Canada allocated funds to empower employers. These funds enable them to actively recruit skilled workers from around the world.

The province has been grappling with a shortage of skilled workers in specific occupations and sectors. To tackle this challenge, the government of Prince Edward Island took a proactive step. What did they do? Well, they made funds available to support employers within the province in recruiting international skilled workers. Whether employers choose to handle the recruitment process directly or go through a third-party recruitment firm, these funds are here to make it happen.

Let’s dive deeper into the financial side of things. According to Canadian law, employers cannot directly or indirectly charge job seekers. So, to support these employees in their efforts, the government of Prince Edward Island made funds available. They financially backed the employers recruiting international skilled workers to address the labor shortage they were facing. But that’s just one example. In this video, we won’t delve into the financial aspects; I just wanted to give you a glimpse. The main focus is on the various initiatives and strategies Prince Edward Island is implementing to attract international skilled workers.

The province is actively encouraging skilled workers to consider it as their destination. Currently, the government is actively engaged in an initiative collaborating with employers on Prince Edward Island who are facing labor needs and skill gaps across the province. Their focus extends beyond recruitment; they’re also committed to supporting the settlement and retention of newcomers to the province.

If you check the official website, You’ll find the list of the 2023 recruitment events. The ones scheduled for 2023 have been successfully completed and closed, as you can see. However, the exciting news is that the registration for the February 2024 recruitment exercise is still ongoing.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the application process for this event. The event is set to take place physically in Dubai; however, if you’re not in or around Dubai, no worries. You can also join the event virtually. This means you’ll still have the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with Canadian employers.

Now, whether you’re looking to attend in person or virtually, it’s a simple process. Just click on the sign-up link provided here. By the way, I will be sharing the websites on my screen so that you can use them for your application, along with other useful ones throughout the article.

Once you click on the sign-up link, it will direct you to the program page where you can seamlessly complete your application. Take a look at the screen here, and you’ll find the user-friendly interface for the application process. It’s designed to make things easy for you. If you’re ready to take the next step and be part of this exciting opportunity, simply follow the instructions on the program page. Please register and provide your resume/CV to be considered by employers that are hiring in Prince Edward Island.

Employers will connect with potential applicants to discuss job opportunities in person or virtually. So, what are you waiting for? Register for free to be considered. In this case, distance is no barrier. Whether you’re not based in Dubai or not in the US at all, that shouldn’t deter you from registering for this event. The great news is that you can join from any part of the world virtually.

Plus, here’s another fantastic aspect: the registration for this event is entirely free. That’s right, no payment required at all. Let’s take a closer look at the application form and see what information is required.

Please select the field of work you would like to be considered for based on your experience or skills. The first section focuses on your work experience and skills. Here, they want you to select the field of work you’d like to be considered for based on your experience or skills. Now, as you go through the list, you’ll notice it doesn’t include all occupations; that’s intentional. They are specifically highlighting occupations in sectors experiencing labor shortages. Some of these sectors include manufacturing, trucking industry, hospitality, trades, and construction, and of course, healthcare. This targeted approach ensures they address the critical labor shortage areas.

Now, let’s walk through the list of occupations they are currently recruiting for. Under healthcare, they have opportunities for caregivers, registered nurses, doctors, and other healthcare fields. For instance, if you have experience as a caregiver, you simply need to tick the caregiver option. They are specifically looking for caregivers with experience working with seniors. If that’s you, select ‘yes, I have worked with seniors’ and indicate the number of years you’ve worked with them.

Let’s say you have four years of experience; you would input four here. And the beauty is, if you have experience in multiple fields, you can select those as well. The goal is to match your skills and experience with the sectors facing labor shortages. It’s entirely possible that you’ve been a caregiver working with seniors and simultaneously have experience as a registered nurse. The more diverse your experience, the higher your chances of landing a job with employers in Prince Edward Island.

Now, moving on to opportunities in the trades and construction sector. They are actively recruiting for electricians, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, pipe fitters and steam fitters, painters, heating and cooling technicians, construction helpers, roofers, and various other trade and construction fields of work. If you have expertise in any of these areas, this could be your golden opportunity.

Now, let’s explore the opportunities in different sectors. In the IT sector, they are actively recruiting for web developers, programmers, cybersecurity analysts, software engineers, and various other IT fields of work. If you have expertise in this domain,

be sure to consider these exciting opportunities.

Moving on to the hospitality sector, they have openings for housekeepers, cooks, and various other roles within the hospitality field. If you’re skilled in this area, it’s a chance worth exploring.

In the trucking industry sector, they are looking for truck drivers, dispatchers, heavy-duty mechanics, and other roles within the trucking industry.

And lastly, in the manufacturing sector, there are opportunities for machine operators, manufacturing workers, meat cutters, and various other roles in the manufacturing field.

So, regardless of your expertise, there are diverse opportunities available. Once you’ve selected your occupation based on your experience, the next step is to provide your contact information. Include your first name, last name, and email. Confirm your email, and then it’s time to upload your resume. If you need guidance on the Canadian CV format, check out our previous video. Remember to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy before clicking on ‘save and next.’ This takes you to the general qualification questions section.

Here, you’ll find a series of questions to ensure you have the required qualifications for employment in your indicated areas. Simply follow through with the application process until you’ve completed all the stages, then submit your application to attend the event.

As mentioned earlier, Prince Edward Island is presenting numerous opportunities for international skilled workers. The government of Prince Edward Island is actively backing employers to facilitate the recruitment of international skilled workers, addressing the labor shortages they are currently facing. It’s an exciting time with plenty of prospects for those looking to explore opportunities in Prince Edward Island.

So, this could be a significant opportunity for all of you as we gear up for the coming year. Numerous opportunities are already on the horizon, ready for you to apply if you qualify. In today’s discussion, we covered the international recruitment event taking place in Dubai and virtually in February 2024. We walked you through the application process and delved into the initiatives by the government of Prince Edward Island to support employers in attracting international skilled workers.

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Wishing you all the best on your journey. Remember, we’re here to provide support, and we hope everything works out for you.

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