Factory Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship 2024 (Apply Online)


Factory worker jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship 2024 are a golden opportunity for laborers in under-developed Asian and African countries who don’t have advanced education and high experience. But, they are trained in the skill they are practicing and are physically strong to stand for long hours. Ireland has a low population and it invites people from other countries to fill the employment gap through sponsor visas (It followed the same policy last year). According to Wikipedia, in 2022, the entire population of Ireland is just over 7 million. As a highly developed country, every industry is flourishing. That’s why factories and warehouses of every industry have space for International applicants. Ireland hosts 1000+ multinational companies.

Luckily, in 2022, Ireland announced some very favorable changes in its work visa stream_ The conventional quota for non-EU residents was increased. With thousands of different job roles, you will get the work according to your qualifications and experience because there are various educated and uneducated job roles in a single factory. Once you get selected for the job, your employer applies for the visa on the basis of a sponsor letter. Then, comes the visa process and you have to submit the relevant documents. In this post, you can find all the details of Factory Jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship along with the link to apply online. So, let’s get started:

Job Details:

    • Job title: Factory worker

    • Country: Ireland
    • Minimum age: 18-45 years
    • Job Nature: Full-time

    • Working hours: 40-48 hours a week
    • Knowledge required: Mostly yes
    • Experience required: Mostly yes

Which Visa-sponsored job roles have a maximum number of vacancies for foreigners/ Which professions are in the highest demand in Ireland?

Skilled Job roles:

    1. General manufacturing operators.
    2. Distilling Operatives.
    3. Manufacturing Support Administrator.

    1. Manufacturing Process Specialists.
    2. Production operator.
    3. Accountants.

    1. Compliance specialists.
    2. Financial advisors.
    3. Business Intelligence analysts.

    1. Financial advisors.
    2. Engineers.
    3. Production Technicians.

    1. General operative.
    2. Packhouse general operative.
    3. Production operators cork.

  1. Aseptic manufacturing process technician.

Unskilled/ Labour Job roles:

    1. General Packing roles/ Pickers
    2. Packing helper

    1. Warehouse Associate
    2. Cleaners
    3. Post-Production Cleaner.

    1. Production Unit Food Packer.
    2. Production or Assembly line workers.
    3. General Factory Hand.

    1. Waitstaff.
    2. Unskilled Meat Processing employees.
    3. Facility Cleaner.

    1. Warehouse Assistants.
    2. Driving roles.
    3. Vegetable Graders and Packers.

  1. Factory Hands.
  2. Dock workers.

Job requirements:

To work in Ireland, you need an H1B visa or visa sponsor. With a formal job offer, you apply for a work/employment permit. Next, you apply for a work visa. If your employer sponsors you, he will apply for your visa himself. The basic requirements are:

    1. At least Matric-level education for unskilled job roles. All skilled job roles demand their relevant education.
    2. At least one year of experience would boost your chances of employment for every job role. However, for unskilled job roles, 6 months of experience or no experience at all are also accepted.
    3. Educated job roles require IELTS. The unskilled job category requires you to have a good grip on basic English.

    1. Criminal record.
    2. Medical record.
    3. The passport is valid for 6 months with a blank visa page.

  1. Educational documents.
  2. CV or resume.

Job Benefits:

    1. Pathway to permanent residence in Europe.

    1. Many employers offer free accommodation.
    2. Attractive Salary Package.
    3. Some employers offer free one-time meals.

    1. Shifts are not long.
    2. Uneducated people can also apply.
    3. Visa Sponsorship option.

  1. Irish labor law gives many rights and privileges to foreign workers as well.

Average Salary of a Manufacturing/Factory Worker in Ireland.

This is a vast question as it depends upon many things_ What is your job in a factory, in which factory you are working, in which city you are working, are you educated, are you experienced, what is your level of experience, etc. However, according to the Economic Research Institute, The average pay for a Factory Worker is €33,610 a year and €16 an hour in Ireland with an average bonus of €420.

How to find Visa-sponsored Factory Jobs in Ireland?

    1. First, you need to know all the details about how to apply and how to get eligible for visa sponsorship. For this, you have to visit the European Union’s Employment Service website (EURES).

    1. Research those Irish factories/industries that are in need of workers.
    2. Consult online resources, such as career websites and job search engines like Indeed and Glassdoor. Enter” Factory Jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship” in the search bar. You can also search related terms, like “Factory Jobs in Ireland for foreigners”, or ” Visa Sponsorship, Factory Jobs.”
    3. You can also search in general terms like “visa-sponsored jobs in Ireland.”

  1. Entering narrow or to-the-point keywords sometimes gives you more appropriate search results. For example, “Packer/Picker Factory Jobs in Ireland”, “Unskilled Factory Jobs in Ireland”, and “Warehouse Associate Jobs in Ireland.”

How to apply?

Apply online through a job search portal like Indeed or Glassdoor. You can find many E-newspapers online advertising national and international jobs in their job section.

Click here to apply for the job

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